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Founder, Irwin Gross asked himself, “what would happen if we could measure vitals without the need to touch?”… “how can we leverage new sensor technologies to improve Healthcare?”. These are the questions from which ARC Connected Health was born, and the single answer is, “If we can do it like this, we’ll never do it any other way”.

ARC Connected Health is revolutionizing the efficiency and quality of health care using non-invasive vital sign measurement sensor technology. Starting with the InstaTemp MD (non-touch digital thermometer), ARC’s suite of products is quickly expanding to include ground-breaking non-invasive vital sign measurement devices. These advanced products will connect via Bluetooth, wifi, and 3G to automatically populate data into the patient’s medical record, optimizing healthcare IoT and allowing for a more efficient, less disruptive process for the patient and clinician alike.

While we’re a company motivated by innovation itself, clinical validation and protecting our intellectual property are paramount to our core philosophy. Our current offerings are all FDA/ CE certified, with clinical trial validation and data. We currently have 15 issued patents, and 57 patents pending approval, of which 34 cover our unique connected networking capabilities.
ARC’s connected technologies and integrated devices will significantly improve the way the healthcare industry monitors and collects vital signs all while improving quality of care and reducing healthcare costs.


With our cutting edge technology, world class partnerships, defensive IP, and an A+ team with world class attitudes, ARC Connected Health is a key player in the future of non-invasive vital sign monitoring and the growing fields of Healthcare IoT, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, preventative medicine, and even predictive analytics. With over 15 issued patents and 57 pending patents in these fields, ARC is a global leader in “connected health”.

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